About us

Why we are special

The only Govt authorised driving school to provide Heavy, Crane, Jcb, and LMV Licences in Malabar Region.

  • Husna Driving School in South Bazar Road, Kannur is the oldest and reputed driving school in kannur.

  • Husna driving institute was strated in the year 1996 with a vision to provide the best driving training for the customers .

  • We have 10 male and 3 female experienced trainers who are meticulous and stay by the side of the learning drivers till they master their skills. We guide learners to navigate their way through various terrains and situations, be it the roads of a crowded city or driving on a highway.

  • Tens of thousands of students have trusted us for getting trained in driving. For the citizens in the neighbourhoods this motor training school is a preferred choice.

    Also we are the first institute in kerala to train 465 police drivers.

  • We offer totally 22 classes and 3 additional classes. Learners are also taught to adhere to the traffic rules and are given guidelines for safe driving.

  • You can also opt for a free test-drive or a free class room session training. Visit this driving school as per your convenience anytime between 9:30 - 5:30 on any working day.

  • We are authorised to provide driving training as per the SC - ST program of Kerala Government .

  • We also provide placement support for our eligible students who undergo crane driving licence training from us in Middle East.

Husna Driving School Kannur